AGM Report No. 109

Assessment of Simple Farmer Rain Gauges Used in the WMO METAGRI OPS Project

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The purpose of the various METAGRI projects in West Africa was to increase the flow of information from National Meteorological and Hydrological Services to farmers and this included the need for simple rain gauges to be distributed to farmers. The METAGRI OPERATIONAL Project needed technical specifications for the ‘farmer’s rain gauge’ to make it more suitable for the purpose. The former Commission for Instruments and Methods of Observation (CIMO) Lead Centre agreed to cooperate with the involved NMHSs in the evaluation of the rain gauges by technical consultations, laboratory tests and field intercomparisons. The matters are closely related to the area of expertise of the WMO CIMO Italian Lead Centre, which, according to its Terms of Reference, should be instrumental in CIMO efforts to bridge gaps between countries by assisting CIMO in conducting training and capacity building. The work performed at the Lead Centre consisted in a preliminary laboratory assessment of instrument accuracy, held in 2015 at the rain gauge laboratory of the University of Genoa (I), for a set of gauges provided by the METAGRI OPS. Following the laboratory tests, an intercomparison campaign was held using the same gauges at the field test site of the Lead Centre in Vigna di Valle (Rome, I). This final report aims to describe the activities performed during the cooperation and to synthesise the results achieved. It also provides guidance material for improving the measurement accuracy and fostering standardization.

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WMO Agricultural Meteorology Report (AGM Report) Series
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AGM Report No. 109
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