Instruments and Observing Methods (IOM) Report No. 134

Report on Interlaboratory Comparison in the field of Temperature, Humidity and Pressure in the WMO Regional Association II, V and VI (MM-ILC-2018-THP-2)

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This report presents the results of an interlaboratory comparison (ILC) with participation of all Regional Instrument Centres (RICs) in WMO Regional Associations (RAs) II and V, using the methodology and experience from the ILC in RA VI in 2016. The ILC was coordinated by RIC Tsukuba (Japan) with support and input from RIC Ljubljana and the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Slovenia). The results of the ILC in RA II and RA V clearly demonstrate the high capabilities of these RICs, particularly in the domains of temperature and humidity calibration. Some areas requiring improvement have been identified, mainly in the domain of pressure calibration, thereby the results will assist the laboratories concerned to identify and correct their operations. The results of the ILC have also supported the participating laboratories in maintaining or applying for accreditation according to ISO/IEC 17025. Overall, this is a very positive outcome of the ILC with the goal of improving measurement quality being achieved.

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K. Nakashima, F. Barcenas, I. Dollery, D. Groselj, A. Merlone, X. Nan, J. Bojkovski and G. Beges

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