Commission for Instruments and Methods of Observations Open Programme Area Group on Remote-Sensing Technologies - Inter-Programme Expert Team on Operational Weather Radars

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The key aims of this meeting were to consolidate important activities and plans for completing deliverables within the IPET’s work plan ahead of the upcoming session of CIMO in 2018. In particular, the IPET focused on reinvigorating activities and tasks towards the development of a Best Practices Guide on Operational Weather Radar. The team spent several sessions on developing the improved structure of the guide and drafting and organising materials under that structure. Additionally team members reported on the status and progress of other tasks in the work plan, including the successful completion of information and data models and a data format for the international exchange of weather radar data. In relation to this, the team made plans for the formal establishment and maintenance of the CFRadial data exchange format as a WMO international standard through the processes of the Commission for Basic Systems (CBS). Other items discussed and advanced included radar interference issues and associated policy and guidance for WMO Members, metadata management and operation of the WMO Radar Database, radar data requirements for climate applications, procedures for calibration of radars, including inter-calibration with satellite radar systems, and international activities coordination including the continued development of a standard for weather radar in collaboration with the Organization on International Standards (ISO), training and capacity development and radar observations associated with the recent Olympics events in the Republic of Korea (ICE-POP).
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