CGMS Baseline for the operational contribution to the GOS (adopted by CGMS-39 on 6 October 2011: Future satellite missions to be performed on operational/sustained basis

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In support of the programmes coordinated or co-sponsored by WMO for weather and climate, CGMS Members plan to maintain the operational capabilities and services described below, that constitute the “CGMS baseline for the operational contribution to the GOS”. While this particular document focuses on missions that are decided and managed in an operational or sustained framework, with a perspective of long-term follow-on, this in no way precludes the importance of other missions undertaken e.g. on a research or demonstration basis. First of all, because today’s research and development are the foundation of tomorrow’s operational missions. Furthermore, because many missions initiated in an R&D framework for a limited duration are eventually extended well beyond their design life time and provide longstanding support to both scientific and operational activities. This baseline defines a constellation of geostationary satellites, a core meteorological mission on three sun-synchronous orbits, other missions in sun-synchronous orbits, missions in other Low Earth Orbits, and contains cross-cutting considerations on contingency planning, inter-calibration, data availability and dissemination.

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