Commission for Basic Systems OPAG on Integrated Observing Systems - Implementation/coordination Team on Integrated Observing Systems (ICT-IOS), Ninth session

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The Ninth Session of the CBS, Open Programme Area Group on Integrated Observing Systems (OPAG-IOS), Implementation-Coordination Team on Integrated Observing System (ICT-IOS) was held in Geneva, Switzerland at the headquarters of WMO over 18-21 April 2016. The primary focus of this team meeting was for the various expert teams and rapporteurs to provide their reports of progress on their work plans and activities over the inter-sessional period to the session and for the ICT-IOS to formulate its reporting to CBS at its 16th Session (November 2016), including its proposed working structure and Expert Teams’ work plans for the coming CBS inter-sessional period 2017-2020. The session also received reports from experts, regional representatives and focal points on the status of the various observing system components of WIGOS and the GOS and the results of monitoring of these systems and networks. Overall, the team was pleased to be informed that the performance and status of the Regional Basic Synoptic and Regional Basic Climate Networks (RBSN and RBCN) had been relatively stable. The session also noted the remarkable and rapid development of Global Cryosphere Watch and the CryoNet over the last 4 years.
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