WMO and the PROMMA Project in Mexico: a success story

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The socio-economic growth of Mexico and the well being of its people have been closely tied to water resources availability and development. Considering the recent rapid growth in population and economic activity, as well as the increasing difficulties in developing new water resources –a large part of the country is either arid or semi-arid– Mexico will continue to be confronted with major critical challenges in the management of its water resources. To address some of these challenges, the Modernization of Water Resources Management Programme (Programa de Modernización del Manejo del Agua – PROMMA) of Mexico was conceived in 1994. Its main objective was to provide support to the Government in designing, developing, establishing and consolidating technical and administrative activities so as to enable the National Water Commission (Comisión Nacional del Agua - CNA) to comply with the provisions of the National Water Law of Mexico and its accompanying Regulations. The intention was to help the Government of Mexico improve its water resources policies, management capabilities and infrastructure as a contribution to environmentally sustainable socio-economic development in the country [...]

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Technical assistance, training and transfer of technology for water management (1996-2005)

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