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Disaster risk financing in APEC economies: practices and challenges

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This report is the main outcome of the APEC Finance Ministers’ initiative on disaster risk financing, supporting the implementation of the G20/OECD Methodological Framework. Prepared by the OECD, in cooperation with the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the UNISDR and the World Bank, it is directed to APEC Finance Ministers and aims to present examples of policies and practices in disaster risk financing with a view to promoting the exchange of knowledge and practices on financial strategies among APEC members and illustrating progress being made by economies in strengthening financial resilience against disasters within APEC. It also aims to identify challenges that APEC economies have encountered in implementing disaster risk financing strategies. The examples and case studies are based largely on the responses of participating APEC economies to an APEC/OECD questionnaire. They also build, however, on other OECD work and the work of other international organisations such as the ADB, the ASEAN, the UNISDR, and the World Bank. Examples from non-APEC economies are also presented when relevant to put APEC economy practices into a broader perspective and enrich the report with further inspiring experiences and good practices.

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