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Southern Africa - Floods and Cyclones Overview of 2010/2011 Rainfall Season

December 2010 to May 2011

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I. HIGHLIGHTS/KEY PRIORITIES · In total, an estimated 708,000 people were affected by floods and/or storms in southern Africa this rainfall season, with 314,361 either displaced or evacuated and 477 people killed. · In comparison with the previous four seasons, the 2010/2011 flood season was average in terms of number of people affected, although the number of deaths was markedly high. · Heavy rains early in the season affected Mozambique, South Africa and Lesotho. South Africa, which is usually not seriously affected by flooding, experienced large-scale devastation. · Only three tropical cyclones were recorded, and only one - Bingiza – affected the region, hitting Madagascar in late February 2011. Bingiza caused 14 deaths and displaced 19,000 people. · Northern Namibia experienced severe flooding later in the season, affecting an estimated 228,000 people. · Angola experienced flooding throughout the rainfall season, with new information indicating that 254,000 people had been affected, 234 killed, 67 missing and 204,000 displaced.

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