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Flood preparedness in the Netherlands: a US perspective

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This report discusses some aspects of Dutch crisis management for flooding and for the recovery period, and gives a description of what the American approach could mean for the Dutch situation. It contains a series of articles in which several aspects of the crisis are addressed: (i) flood response, an introduction

(ii) early warning, forecast, situational assessment and sense making

(iii) self reliance and community involvement in Dutch flood response

(iv) managing the response to large scale floods

(v) vertical evacuation: rethinking urban, rural and social space

(vi) public/private partnerships for flood and all hazards emergency and disaster management

(vii) mitigating and managing the health impacts for a catastrophic coastal flooding scenario in The Netherlands

and (viii) evaluation: enriching (flood) emergency preparedness in The Netherlands. Finally, some conclusions and recommendations are given for improvements in the Dutch crisis management practice.

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