International organizing committee for the WMO solid precipitation intercomparison experiment, third session

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This report provides a summary of the third session of the International Organizing Committee (IOC) of the WMO Solid Precipitation Intercomparison Experiment (SPICE) that was held in Brussels, Belgium on 15 October 2012. The IOC reviewed the proposal from NCAR to provide the data archive for level 1 and 2a data and approved it. It made a number of recommendations for the finalization and improvement of the proposal relevant for example to the data format, interaction with sites, and provision of maintenance information by the sites. The IOC reviewed the status of preparation of all northern hemisphere sites. The IOC addressed a number of aspects related to the planning, scheduling and coordination of SPICE. It reviewed the objectives, recalled decisions made concerning participating instruments provided to the different site, agreed on the participation of Italy as a laboratory testing facility. A discussion session was organized and all instrument providers were invited to attend it, ask questions and raise any concern they may have on the conduct of SPICE, and interaction with the SPICE IOC and testsite personal.

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