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Farmers' perceptions and adaptation measures towards changing climate in South India and role of extension in adaptation and mitigation to changing climate

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This document examines the ways in which farmers in rural India are adapting to climate change in order to preserve their livelihoods. The document is comprised of seven sections: (i) section one introduces the idea of indigenous knowledge in relation to climate change

(ii) section two explains the agricultural impacts of climate change in India

(iii) section three discusses methods of climate change adaptation

(iv) section four outlines the methodology and scope of this study

(v) section five presents and discusses extensively the results of the study regarding the ways in which farmers have adapted to climate change

(vi) section six explains the role of extension in adaptation and mitigation to climate change

(vii) and section seven concludes the study, emphasizing the importance of capacity building in order to protect vulnerable populations, including farmers.

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