Report of the 2001 global survey on the participation of women and men in the activities of the World Meteorological Organization

WMO/TD-No. 1120

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The second global survey on the Participation of Women and Men in the Activities of WMO was carried out in 2001, by means of a questionnaire. The objective was to update the data collected during a similar survey done in 1997, and track progress in achieving full opportunity for women in the meteorological and hydrological professions. This document provides an evaluation of the responses of 105 Members participating in the survey. The information presented will be a topic of discussion at the second WMO Conference on Women in Meteorology and Hydrology being organized in March 2003. The key conclusion of the survey is that, although there have been some small, incremental increases in the percentages of women participating in some WMO activities since 1997, there has been no significant change in the overall participation. Women remain drastically underrepresented in WMO activities. Participation in technical commissions, regional associations and the Executive Council, as well as employment in both NMHSs and the WMO Secretariat, continue to be overwhelmingly male-dominated. Furthermore, global employment data indicate that women are much more likely to serve in a support category than in one of policy or decisionmaking responsibility.

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WMO/TD-No. 1120