Руководство пользователя по прототипу системы менеджмента инцидентов для региональных центров ИГСНВ

(версия 0.1, октябрь 2020 г.)

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This user’s manual is intended for registered users to the Incident Management System (IMS) prototype for Regional WIGOS Centres (RWCs) which is provided and configured at the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), based on JIRA software, an online tool for issue tracking. The IMS for RWCs is a project under ECMWF JIRA, designed as a global system, that is available for RWCs to perform one of their mandatory function, the WIGOS Data Quality Monitoring System (WDQMS) incident management function. The expected users of this manual include the RWCs staff, the National Focal Points on WDQMS and the WIGOS monitoring centres, who are supposed to user the IMS to created and to follow up on issues related to observations exchanged internationally.

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