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Flood risk management in Europe: similarities and differences between the STAR-FLOOD consortium countries

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This report highlights the main similarities and differences between flood risk management strategies (FRMSs) and flood risk governance arrangements (FRGAs) in the 6 STAR-FLOOD consortium countries: the UK, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. The report derives 8 themes which relate to the differences discovered between the countries: (i) the countries’ baseline situation in terms of their actual flood experiences

(ii) designated competent authorities and the actual competences that actors have for implementing flood risk management strategies

(iii) resources for flood risk governance and the financing arrangements that are in place

(iv) the degree and ways in which integration between water management and spatial planning take place

(v) the extent to which stakeholder involvement takes place and the ways in which it is done

(vi) the substantive and procedural norms and goals that are in place

(vii) the way in which discourses on flood management have evolved in each of the consortium countries and how this relates to discourses on flood management more generally

(viii) and the flood risk management strategies that are actually in place.

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