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Climate change and the water rules

How water managers can cope withe today's climate variability and tomorrow's climate change

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Climate changes the water rules is a comprehensive report that shows all of us working in the water sector that we will be affected by natural and human activities one way or the other. The evidence for climate change is there; chapter 1 gives an excellent overview and has used well known sources and references. The dialogues have concentrated to bring water managers closer to the climate community. The authors mentioned the confidence of climatologists to say something about the world's climate in 50 to 100 years, but what they preferred to know is the next occurrence of a severe drought or flood. One should be very prudent in that sense, since it is as hard to predict a flood as develop a global climate scenario for the future. The coping compendium is nicely extracted from the outcomes of the dialogue and sincere hope is there to continue the work and create the awareness amongst all working with natural resources and human development. Therefore setting up the "water and climate alliance" is a good sign for further collaboration between all stakeholders and can be seen as a token for true commitment.
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