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Africa's adaptation gap 2

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While the first Africa Adaptation Gap Report demonstrated how delaying action would result in exponentially rising costs down the road, this second report now turns to possible solutions to respond to this urgency. Based on the analyses contained in this report, policy makers can consider how all options at international, regional and national levels can complement each other. The report builds on the UNEP 2014 emissions gap report that asserts that by 2050, Africa’s adaptation costs could rise to USD 50 billion per year for a scenario holding global warming below 2°C, and up to USD 100 billion per year by 2050, if the world does not manage to turn away from the current path that could lead to more than 4°C warming by 2100. The report findings show that sea level could rise by a metre above present-day levels, putting millions of people at risk of flooding in the large coastal cities across the continent. These are the striking impacts of climate change risk reversing Africa’s economic and development gains.

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