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Profile of emissions reduction potentials in developing countries

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UNEP Risoe, with the support of the UNFCCC Secretariat and the ACP-MEA Programme (, has decided to assess the emissions reduction potential in 15 diverse countries. 15 country reports have been developed, from which this synthesis report gathers the main messages. The definition of sectors and technologies used in these country reports takes its point of departure from UNEP Risoe’s CDM Methodology and Technology Selection Tool ( This tool has been specifically developed for the identification of technologies and related CDM methodologies for exploitation of emissions reduction potentials in developing countries. This is supplemented by data from CDM projects already being implemented, extracted from UNEP Risoe’s CDM Pipeline (, which contains detailed information on more than 9000 CDM projects at different stages of development. It is hoped that by employing these resources systematically, the estimates will be complete and realistically achievable, and that no significant sectors or activities will be forgotten.

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