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Promoting ecosystems for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation

Opportunities for Integration

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This discussion paper examines differences and similarities between ecosystem-based approaches to disaster risk reduction (Eco-DRR) and ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation (EBA). It suggests key integration points at the project level through examining a number of Eco-DRR, EBA and hybrid (Eco-DRR/CCA) projects. A total of 38 (Eco-DRR, EBA and hybrid Eco-DRR/CCA) projects are examined in terms of their aims, assessments, implementation, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and policy and institutional contexts to understand how in practice these approaches differ and overlap and to find key integration points. The paper identifies five areas for Eco-DRR and EBA integration in project design and implementation: 1. Defining aims of the project

2. Conducting risk and vulnerability assessments

3. Project implementation: methods, approaches, tools

4. Monitoring and Evaluation

and 5. Policy and institutional engagements.

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