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A preliminary analysis of disaster and poverty data in Quang Binh province, Viet Nam

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As a follow-up to a first paper A preliminary analysis of flood and storm disaster data in Viet Nam, this Quang Binh case study provides a more in-depth disaster profile of one particular province in Viet Nam, including specific temporal and spatial distribution patterns while using district aggregated data. It also looks deeper into the relationship between disasters and poverty through analysis of various indicators: number of deaths, impact on housing and agricultural produce, poverty rate and the percentage of poor households. The first part of this paper examines the disaster profile of Quang Binh and the temporal and spatial distribution patterns disaggregated by district. The second part of the paper explores further the relationship between poverty and disaster data, analyzing the relationship between disaster loss and damage (the number of deaths, total number of houses destroyed and damaged, and areas of agriculture destroyed and damaged) and poverty (poverty rate, percentage of poor households) at district level.

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