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Joint Radiation Emergency Management Plan of the International Organizations EPR-JPLAN (2010)

Emergency Preparedness and Response

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Pursuant to the obligations placed on it by the Conventions, the IAEA regularly convenes the Inter-Agency Committee on Response to Nuclear Accidents (IACRNA)2, whose purpose is to co-ordinate the arrangements of the relevant international intergovernmental organizations (‘international organizations’) for preparing for and responding to nuclear or radiological emergencies. Although the Conventions assign specific response functions and responsibilities to the IAEA and the Parties, various international organizations have — by virtue of their statutory functions or of related legal instruments — general functions and responsibilities that encompass aspects of reparedness and response. Moreover, some regional organizations (e.g. the European Union) are party to legally binding treaties and have directives and regulations that bear on emergency response arrangements among some States. There are also bilateral agreements between some international organizations that also have relevance to preparedness and response arrangements.
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