Second JCOMM Workshop on Advances in Marine Climatology
Brussels, Belgium, 17-22 November 2003


WMO/TD-No. 1199
Table  of  Contents 




  poster  Presentations   


A Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Brussels Maritime
Conference of 1853


P-150-1       Contribution of Portugal to the development of meteorology, oceanography and geophysics
Renato Carvalho


P-150-2       WaMoS II - X-band radar: from spectral to single wave detection
Katrin Hessner, Konstanze Reichert, and Jürgen Dittmer


P-150-3       Marine forecasting in rapid development
Bjoern Aage Hjollo


P-150-4       Potentiality of marine climatological data for the western Mediterranean from Catalan ships’ log-books (18th and 19th centuries)
Marc J. Prohom and Mariano Barriendos


P-150-5       Completion of the digitized Kobe Collection
Akiko Shouji, Takashi Aizawa and Takashi Yoshida


P-150-6       Advances in the global ocean observing system
Diane Stanitski, Michael Johnson, Sidney Thurston


P-150-7       Maury and German involvement in the marine meteorological observation scheme
Volker Wagner


P-150-8       The original draft logs which the international abstract logs (1853) are based upon
H.Wallbrink and F.Koek











CLIMAR-II Session I: Cross-cutting Issues


P-I-1             Progress on marine data management in a developing country: the case of the marine climatology of Ecuador
Henry Arteaga


P-I-2             A Hydrometeo Atlas of 25 year measurements along the Flemish coast
Guido Dumon, M. Van Vooren, and Ph. Hyde


P-I-3             The Hydrometeo system Flemish Banks
G. Dumon and Ph. Hyde


P-I-4             The NOAA Climate Database Modernization Program
Joe D. Elms


P-I-5             Analysis of meteorological observations from Station “M” (MIKE) 1949-2002
Knut A. Iden


P-I-6             Quantifying random errors in VOS meteorological observations
Elizabeth C. Kent, Peter K. Taylor and Peter G. Challenor


P-I-7             Optimal estimation of the model covariance matrix of oceanic data assimilation system by neural network method
Liu Yimin


P-I-8             Marine data rescue, archival, and management project
James Wahome Muhoro


P-I-9             Hymedis – a real-time distribution system for Hydrometeo data
Johan Raes, Victor Cox, Wim Smets, Guido Dumon, Mart de Goffau, Patrick Snelders, and Joost Thurman


P-I-10           A 114-year record of spring-summer surface water temperature based on oxygen isotope ratios across bivalve mollusk shells, Arctica islandica (North Sea)
Bernd R. Schöne, Antuané D. Freyre Castro, Thomas Pohlmann, Jens Fiebig, Ingrid Kröncke, Wolfgang Dreyer and Wolfgang Oschmann


P-I-11           Synthesis of basin-scale air-sea flux fields
Robert A. Weller, Lisan Yu, Albert J. Plueddemann, David S. Hosom, Sudharshan Sathiyamoorthy


P-I-12           The quality of surface meteorology from unattended buoys and from VOS
Robert A. Weller, Albert J. Plueddemann, David S. Hosom, Richard E. Payne, Jason Smith, Frank Bahr




CLIMAR-II Session II: Pressure and Wind


P-II-1            Methods to homogenize wind speeds from ships and buoys
B. R. Thomas and V. R. Swail


P-II-2            Effect of vessel type and platform relative wind direction on the comparison between buoy and ship wind speeds
Bridget R. Thomas and Val R. Swail











CLIMAR-II Session III: Marine Temperatures and Sea Ice


P-III-1           Influence de la variabilite climatique sur l’oceanographie côtiere du Bénin
Roger Djiman and Zacharie Sohou


P-III-2           A hindcast simulation of the Arctic and Antarctic sea-ice variability, 1955-2001
Thierry Fichefet, Hugues Goosse, Guy Schayes & Miguel Angel Morales Maqueda


P-III-3           On homogeneity and use of SSTs for seasonal forecasting in the coastal areas of Nigeria
Samuel O. Gbuyiro


P-III-4           Interannual variability of SST observed in the Central Arabian Sea
M. Harikrishnan, G. Rajesh, K. Jossia Joseph, K. Premkumar, M. Ravindran and R.R. Rao


P-III-5           Homogeneity analysis of Portuguese SST time series
Anabela Jorge de Carvalho, Alica Soares dos Santos


P-III-6           Finding the true temperature of the ocean surface
Elizabeth C. Kent, Alexey Kaplan and Peter K. Taylor


P-III-7           Regime shift and ENSO event in the global SSTs
Sayaka Yasunaka











   oral  Presentations    


Session I: Cross-cutting Issues


I-inv-1           I-COADS data and products
Steven J. Worley, Scott D. Woodruff, and Richard W. Reynolds


I-1                 CLIWOC: A database for the world’s oceans 1750-1850
R. García-Herrera, D. Wheeler, G. Konnen, M.R. Prieto and P.Jones on behalf of the CLIWOC team


I-2                 Measuring the temperature at sea in the 18th century
C. Koninckx


I-3                 WMO data collection and archival of VOS observations
Miroslaw Mietus


I-4                 Quality control of VOS data in Hong Kong
W. T. Wong


I-Inv-2           Improved meteorological measurements from merchant ships
Peter K. Taylor


I-Inv-3           Using metadata to understand VOS meteorological data
Elizabeth C. Kent, David I. Berry and Peter K. Taylor


I-5                 Recommendations from the Workshop on High-Resolution Marine Meteorology
Shawn R. Smith and R. Michael Reynolds


I-6                 Sampling errors in VOS-based sea-air flux climatologies: impact on climate means and variability patterns
Sergey Gulev, Thomas Jung and Eberhard Ruprecht


I-7                 Objective analyses of SST and marine meteorological variables for the 20th century using COADS and the Kobe Collection
Masayoshi Ishii, Akiko Shouji, Satoshi Sugimoto, Takanori Matsumoto


I-8                 Assessing bias corrections in historical sea surface temperature using a climate model
Chris Folland


I-9                 Signal to noise ratio applied to COADS ship-measured variables
Mark L. Morrissey


I-10               Temperature in Belgian marine waters: from monitoring to management through modeling
Georges Pichot, Virginie Pison and J. Ozer


I-11               Weighted Empirical Orthogonal Function analysis theory and examples
Pascal Terray


I-12               Detailed SST structures of the North Pacific climatic regime shift in the 1920s and 1940s based on 1-degree SST data compiled from COADS and the Kobe collection
Shoshiro Minobe


I-13               Subseasonal and interannual variability in the Indian Ocean
Gabriel A. Vecchi and D.E. Harrison










Session II: Pressure and Wind


II-Inv-1          The elimination of spurious trends in marine wind data by calibration with individual pressure differences
Ralf Lindau


II-1                Joint analysis of marine sea level pressure and surface winds components
Alexey Kaplan


II-Inv-2          Reduction of uncertainty of marine wind fields for ocean response modeling by utilizing the QuikSCAT dataset
Vincent J. Cardone


II-2                Quantifying the effects of airflow distortion on wind speed measurements from Voluntary Observing Ships
B.I. Moat, M.J. Yelland, A.F. Molland, and R.W. Pascal


II-Inv-3          The ERA-40 wind and wave data
Sofia Caires and Andreas Sterl


II-Inv-4          The WMO AOPC/OOPC Surface Pressure Group
Rob Allan


II-3                Development of a daily gridded MSLP data set over the North Atlantic region using I-COADS
Tara Ansell, Rob Allan, David Parker, Philip Brohan and Nick Rayner


II-4                Feasibility of reanalysis before the radiosonde era
Gilbert P. Compo, Jeffrey S. Whitaker, and Prashant D. Sardeshmukh


II-5                Different sources of errors and uncertainties in the visual wave estimates
Vika Grigorieva, Sergey Gulev, Andreas Sterl, David Woolf


II-6                20th century climate changes in ocean wind waves over the Northern Hemisphere from visual wave data
Sergey Gulev, Vika Grigorieva, Olga Zolina, Scott Woodruff


II-7                Forecasting dangerous sea-states: beyond Hs and Tp
Jaak Monbaliu and Alessandro Toffoli


II-8                Mean sea level pressure and wind climatology over the North Indian Ocean: quality control, validation and biases
M. Rajeevan and S.K.Dikshit


II-9                Nature of marine winds, waves and swells over West African coasts – case study of Victoria Island beach in Lagos, Nigeria
Samuel Gbuyiro and E. Olaniyan










Session III: Marine Temperatures and Sea Ice


III-Inv-1         Historical and modern marine surface temperatures: improved analyses and estimation of uncertainties
David Parker, Nick Rayner, Philip Brohan, Chris Folland, Jen Hardwick, Elizabeth Kent, Simon Tett and Michal Vanicek


III-1               Uncertainties in corrections applied to marine temperature data to account for changing measurement practices
Nick Rayner, Jen Hardwick, David Parker, Chris Folland and Elizabeth Kent


III-2               Combined estimates of uncertainties in gridded marine temperature fields due to measurement errors and under-sampling of variability
Philip Brohan, Nick Rayner, Michal Vanicek, Simon Tett  and Liz Ke


III-3               Correction of daytime marine air temperatures for climate studies
David I. Berry, Elizabeth C. Kent and Peter K. Taylor


III-4               Objective analyses of temperature and salinity for the world ocean on a 1/4 degree grid
Boyer T., J. Antonov, H. Garcia, S. Levitus, R. Locarnini, and C. Stephens


III-Inv-2         Sea surface temperature analyses for climate and their errors
Richard W. Reynolds, Thomas M. Smith, Hui-Min Zhang


III-Inv-3         A framework for combining in situ and satellite SST data: the Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE) High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature Pilot Project (GHRSST-PP)
Craig Donlon


III-5               Improvements to a satellite derived SST climatology
Edward Armstrong and Jorge Vazquez


III-6               Comparing sea surface temperature climatologies from a new high-resolution satellite dataset and I-COADS: reciprocal feedback and insights
Kenneth S. Casey


III-7               Reprocessing of the 20-year satellite record of SST
Andrew Harris


III-8               Progress in geostationary SSTs and cloud detection
Andrew Harris


III-9               TMI and AMSR-E microwave SSTs
Chelle Gentemann and Frank Wentz


III-10             Diurnal signals in satellite sea surface temperature measurements
Chelle L. Gentemann, Craig J. Donlon, Alice Stuart-Menteth, Frank J. Wentz


III-11             Global comparisons of satellite derived SSTs with in-situ observations from the World Ocean Database
Jorge Vazquez and Ed Armstrong


III-12             New high resolution combined analysis of historical sea surface temperatures and sea ice concentrations
Alexey Kaplan


III-13             JCOMM Expert Team on Sea Ice: practical results for 2002-2003
Vasily Smolianitsky


III-14             Investigation of Arctic ice cover variance using XX-century historical ice charts information and last decades’ microwave data
Vasily Smolianitsky


III-15             Antarctic sea ice variability in the Weddell, the Bellinghausen and the Amundsen Seas
Sandra Barreira and Rosa Compagnucci