WMO-IOC Data Buoy Cooperation Panel

DBCP Technical Document No. 48

Annual report for 2013




  • Reports by the Task Teams (reports and presentations DBCP-29)

    Task Team Report Presentation
    Data Management (TT-DM) pdf pdf
    Instrument Best Practices and Drifter Technology Developments (TT-IBP) pdf pdf
    Moored Buoys (TT-MB) pdf pdf
    Capacity-Building (TT-CB) pdf pdf


  • Data Management Centre reports (report presented at DBCP-29, pdf) (Presentations: SOC/DB)

  • DBCP Implementation Strategy (as approved by DBCP-29, pdf)

  • DBCP Operating Principles (as approved at DBCP-29, pdf)

  • Argos System operations and developments (report presented at DBCP-29, pdf) (Presentation 1) (Presentation 2)

  • Status of the Pilot Projects (reports and presentations at DBCP-29)

    Pilot Project

    Reports Presentations
    Wave measurement Evaluation and Test from moored buoys (PP-WET) pdf  
    Evaluation of the Impact of SLP from Drifters on NWP (PP-SLP) pdf  
    High Resolution SST   pdf


  • Report on Data Dissemination (October 2013, see report of the Technical Coordinator above)

  • National Focal Points for buoy programmes (December 2013, pdf - See also up to date list on web here)

  • Financial report for 2013 (December 2013, pdf) (Presentation made at DBCP-29)

  • List of DBCP Technical Documents (pdf)

  • List of JCOMM Meeting Reports (web)

  • List of JCOMM Technical Reports (web)