Guide to the Direct Broadcast Network for Near-real-time Relay of Low Earth Orbit Satellite Data

WMO-No. 1185

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Édition 2017

The purpose of this Guide is to define the minimum technical specifications and procedures applicable to the Direct Broadcast Network for Near-real-time Relay of Low Earth Orbit Satellite Data (DBNet) and to provide guidance for implementing these specifications and procedures. In the present Guide, the term “shall” is used when referring to the technical specifications and procedures that have to be applied for DBNet to work properly, and the term “should” when referring to those that would enhance the proper functioning of DBNet. The DBNet technical specifications are applicable to all voluntary contributions of WMO Members to DBNet. The aims of these technical specifications and procedures are twofold: – To help ensure that the data provided by each particular DBNet regional network can be used operationally to meet user requirements as recorded in the WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS) Information Resource

– To facilitate interregional data exchange and interoperability around the Earth, with a particular focus on ensuring the global consistency of the DBNet datasets. This Guide is primarily directed to the DBNet station operators and coordinating entities. It also contains provisions for consideration by providers of processing software and by satellite operators. Furthermore, it can be a useful reference for the users of DBNet products Attachment to the Guide to the WMO Information System (WMO-No. 1061)

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WMO-No. 1185
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