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A preliminary analysis of flood and storm disaster data in Viet Nam

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This research paper aims to provide a brief overview of the frequency, distribution and impact of floods and storms in Viet Nam through a preliminary analysis of the historical disaster damage and loss database over the past twenty years. It is a first attempt to describe a number of spatial disaster patterns and trends over time in Viet Nam. It strongly makes the case for more in-depth spatial, temporal and geographical analysis of disaster patterns and trends combined with practical policy recommendations. The paper also highlights the need for disaggregated data up to district level for more accurate and relevant trending. Lastly, it makes an attempt at exploring the interrelationship between disasters, vulnerability and poverty by linking disaster data with poverty data. Two case studies, one on the Mekong Delta and another on Quang Binh province, aim to show the potential for more in-depth analysis and the linkage with social data on poverty and education. The paper concludes by highlighting some conclusions and recommendations based on the findings.

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Contributing paper to the Global Assessment Report (GAR) 2011

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