The WMO Strategy for service delivery and its implementation plan

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WMO Members recognize the importance of providing high-quality delivery of weather-, climate-, water- and environment- related services. WMO facilitates international coordination, sets standards for meteorological and hydrological products and provides guidance on service delivery. While some great success has been achieved in this regard, Members have agreed that a more uniform and structured approach to service development and delivery is required. As a result, the WMO Strategy for Service Delivery (the Strategy) was approved at the sixteenth session of the World Meteorological Congress (May–June 2011), and the Secretary-General was requested to arrange for the preparation of an implementation plan. The Implementation Plan was subsequently prepared under the guidance of the WMO Executive Council Working Group on Service Delivery (ECWG-SD) and was approved by the Executive Council at its sixty-fifth session (May 2013). The goal of the Strategy is to help National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) raise standards of service delivery in the provision of products and services to users and customers. The Implementation Plan provides a flexible methodology to help Members evaluate their current service delivery practices and to serve as high-level guidance for developing more detailed methods and tools that will enable Members to improve their service delivery process.

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